In every woman's life, there is a period of time reserved by the stars when she is meant to meet her very own Prince Charming, fall in love, marry and actually live happily ever after. It is during her Cinderella Time that a woman is most enchanting, desirable and intriguing. For this reason every woman should learn how to know when she is in her Cinderella Time. By studying Magi Astrology, you can learn how to recognize the times when your Cinderella Gateway opens in your own life so that you can take full advantage of it to fulfill your romantic dreams.


For thousands of years astrologers have tried unsuccessfully to find what planet rules love, marriage, children and pregnancy. One reason for these countless failed attempts is that astrologers assumed that love, marriage, etc. were ruled by a planet, but they are actually ruled by an asteroid/comet named Chiron. Chiron (pronounced keye-ron) was not even discovered until 1977. After concluding the most extensive research into the astrology of love, the Magi Society discovered that it is Chiron that rules love, marriage, children and pregnancy. This was revealed when we published our third book in March of 1999. The book taught the basic principles of Magi Astrology and how to use Chiron to accurately understand the astrology of love. At the time, some astrologers thought that Magi Astrology and our teachings about Chiron were only theories. But at this time, Magi Astrology is no longer just a theory. Since the publication of our books, the importance of Chiron and the validity of the principles of Magi Astrology have now been confirmed.

Chiron has proven itself to be the missing link in the astrology of love and marriage.

With the help of Chiron, Magi Astrology is now proven because it has successfully explained every major event in the love lives of the world's most famous celebrities since we published our third book in 1999.

In our third book Magi Astrology: the Key to Success in Love and Money we devote almost 400 pages to teach you how to use Chiron and Magi Astrology in order to answer questions such as these:

Whom will you marry?
      When will you marry?
           Is this your soulmate?
                Is this the best person for you?
                     Is this your Cinderella time?

The answers have always been in the stars! Now you can finally learn the answers by mastering the principles of Magi Astrology.

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